Shiitake Starter Kit – plug spawn – MP855 (cold weather)

The MP855 cool temperature strain fruits at 41-68°F, a greenhouse or outdoor strain. Its incubation period or "spawn run" is longer, running from 1 to 1-1/2 years. Fruits from October to June, seldom in summer. It is used to reduce heating bills in greenhouses or indoors, where about half the logs are inoculated with the wide-range strain MP510.

The starter kit includes 300 spawn plugs, 1 lb. wax, 1 wax dauber, and detailed directions. This is enough to inoculate 10 logs of average size 40" long x 4" diameter.

Note: Inoculated logs keep fruiting for several years without the need to re-inoculate. This is true for all strains and species of mushrooms.

Price: $21.00

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