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Grow delicious Shiitake, Oyster, Maitake, and Reishi Mushrooms!

Are you interested in growing mushrooms in hardwood logs? CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.

Spawn, Cultivation Tools, Shiitake Starter Kits (plug spawn), Books and Videos, Supplies for Sterile Work, and Ready-To-Fruit Mushroom Kits. 

Here is our currently available spawn: Please check this list BEFORE cutting your logs and ordering spawn!

  • SHIITAKE PLUG SPAWN: We are temporarily out of all plug spawn, but we should have a fresh batch of shiitake plugs in June. We still have some strains in sawdust (see below). Please consider using sawdust spawn to inoculate your logs.
  • SHIITAKE SAWDUST SPAWN The 852 and 855 are available. The 510, 512, 853, and 910 strains are temporarily out of stock.
  • OTHER SAWDUST SPAWN: Tree Oyster, Phoenix Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, and Reishi are available.
  • OYSTER GRAIN SPAWN: We have available the warm temperature Phoenix Oyster and the cool temperature Tree Oyster species.
  • READY-TO-FRUIT MUSHROOM KITS: Shiitake, Oyster, Reishi, and Lions Mane are available.


Beyond mushrooms: the Square Foot Lasagna Garden!  Raising your favorite organic tomatoes, greens, potatoes, and melons in a Square Foot Garden is easy and fun for the whole family – and kids love it!  Veggies, greens, herbs, and flowers grow in 1/5th the area, with 1/5th the labor and 1/5th the water of a traditional garden. No power tools needed, and it can be done in any type of soil – with no digging! Combine it with the Lasagna Gardening method and you have Square Foot Lasagna Gardening, which eliminates turning compost piles.  We carry both best-selling books.

Do-It-Yourself Plans for the Straw-Insulated Solar Greenhouse. Solar greenhouses are perfect for Square Foot Lasagna raised beds and year ’round Shiitake and Oyster mushroom growing.  You plant your seeds directly in the greenhouse in early Spring, and say goodbye to all the fuss of potting, hardening, and transplanting. Relax in year-round warmth surrounded by flowers, vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms, protected from Winter’s cold, storms, sun, and droughts.  Bird mesh remains under the glazing to keep out the birds, deer, rabbits, and squirrels when you roll up the plastic in Summer. Do-it-yourself plans $6.00

Concerned about global warming? Growing trees and using biochar in your garden sequesters atmospheric CO2.  Biochar is simply wood charcoal that has been “charged” in a compost pile, and is what makes “terra preta” permanently the richest soil on earth.  Biochar stays in the ground for thousands of years and creates soil fertility, tilth, and water retention – perfect for Square Foot Lasagna gardening. The book  The Biochar Solution by Albert Bates is part historical epic and part practical measures, and our best guide for regreening the planet.

Commercial Shiitake Growers:  We offer discounts for large orders of spawn (click on the discount icon to see the table). For a quote, call us on toll-free (866) 521-1555 weekday afternoons, or email us at mushroom@thefarm.org.

Mushroom Workshops – for details please e-mail Cliff Davis at spiralridgepermaculture@gmail.com

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